Facing the Press can be a daunting prospect – but not after you’ve been put on Red Alert to deal with it!

“Be Prepared!” It’s a motto known to scouts the world over, but it also a phrase that applies to businessmen and women. Especially those who are likely to come across the need to face the media.

And with that in mind, Red Alert Media has launched an exciting new service, to run alongside its ever expanding PR and media services.

But – by popular demand – the company is now offering an extended service – passing on tips about writing a good, effective Press Release, and dealing with the media.

Explained senior partner Peter Jones, who has 27 years of experience in newspapers and in broadcasting: “Some people actively encourage a relationship with the media, while others dread it; some people need it, others can greatly benefit from it, while there are plenty of cases where companies think it is not a situation they need to think about, and then either find themselves in the firing line, or realise their competitors are stealing a march by being more savvy about these things.

“We’ve been doing media training for some time now, and have had some great feed back, so that is an area that I am keen to develop and expand.

“We have had a variety of clients, from a sports governing body, to a businessman who had a potentially tricky TV interview and wanted coaching beforehand; from a residential care home, to a company who were expanding, and knew there would be plenty of media interest when they opened their new premises.

“In that last case, it was nice to get feed back from the owner of the company after the opening day – he called our media training day ‘inspirational’, and acquited himself superbly, as did other members of staff who were trained by us. That is very satisfying, to know that people really benefitted from our media training, but then to see it put successfully into practice!

“Our new service is continuing on a theme. We appreciate that not all companies have the need for a regular media and PR service such as we provide, but we also know from our experience of working in newsrooms, that many Press Releases don’t get read, and often end up in the wastepaper bin.

“What we are now providing is a service where we spend a day, or even a half-day, working with someone nominated by the company that has hired us, to teach them the tricks of the trade – how to get noticed, what makes a good Press Release, and what makes a story, and how they can make life easier for journalists, and more effective for themselves.

“Journalists are always looking for good stories, and there are plenty of them, but too many companies and organisations don’t realise it, and therefore miss out on good opportunities of raising their profiles.

“We then try to build an on-going relationship,offering regular advice, and hopping on board in the event of something major breaking, or if – perish the thought – complications arise, when we go in as proverbial fire-fighters!”