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"Peter, you have weaved your magic yet again for Solve It. The coverage we have had for our annual conference has been fantastic - Breakfast Television, Radio 5 Live, local radio stations all over the country, the Evening Standard, local papers around London and the Press Association among many others. Another fantastic job, and on behalf of everyone at Solve It we thank you enormously for putting us on the map and getting us such superb media coverage."

Steve Lambert, head of marketing, Solve It

"Peter, discovering Red Alert Media was our equivalent of striking gold. You're doing a wonderful job, very pro-active and very effective. Thank you for everything you've done, and everything you do."

Lynne Evans, chair, GNAS (governing body, British Archery). www.gnas.org

Testimonials like those are very special. Feedback such as that means we're doing our job properly, and we're very proud to receive them. But at Red Alert Media there's no time for resting on our laurels..we seek to provide that kind of quality to all of our clients all of the time.

Red Alert Media specialises in PR and in dealing with the media - such as writing top quality Press Releases and maximising opportunities for publicity and profile in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and on televison.

And thanks to strategic partnerships we've carefully developed with organisations who aspire to the same high standards that we seek to achieve, we can help provide a one-stop solution to all your marketing and promotional requirements. These are a selection of the services we provide and specialise:

Public Relations (PR)
Media Management
Internal Communication
Copy writing
Corporate Videos
Media Training
Publicity agents

Take a good look around our site to find out more about us: what we do, who we are, and what we aspire to, then read more testimonials. We've also included a number of case studies, detailing what we've managed to achieve for some of our clients, and how we did it.

We hope you find your visit worthwhile. And we hope you'll want to find out more by giving us a call.

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We can even write content for your Amazon review pages, as we did for this website.